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Hetman Gutters, a local gutter company Highland Park offering top-notch gutter services, was founded in 2008. Nobody is more knowledgeable about gutters than we are, and we’re aware that they serve a practical purpose in preventing expensive and damaging water damage to your home or structure. We collaborate with skilled and knowledgeable gutter installers who provide services for both residential and commercial sites including gutters, gutter guards, and downspouts. We have K-style and half-round seamless gutters in aluminum, steel, and copper gutters, and even have oversized gutters and downspouts available. Our gutters installation crew would be pleased to provide you advice depending on your requirements and budget if you’re unsure about the sort of gutter that would be ideal for you.

You can expect the work to be done correctly the first time, every time since our staff is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and a job well done. Contact us right now for premium seamless gutters Highland Park!


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Our Services - Hetman Gutter Installation Highland Park, IL

Gutter Installation Highland Park, IL

For top-quality gutter installation near me in Highland Park, count on Hetman Gutter Installation to handle residential and commercial projects. Our experienced team of gutter installers is proficient with seamless gutters that are designed to last. As a leading gutter company in Highland Park, our gutter installation professionals only use high-quality aluminum, steel, and copper on our projects. We can provide K-style and half-round, in both standard and oversized options.


Gutter Replacement Highland Park, IL

For old, worn-down gutters, our company can offer new gutter installation near me in Highland Park for residential and commercial applications so your building remains protected against water damage. Our customer-focused gutter company in Highland Park offers quality gutters, exceptional service, and a complete job to remove your existing gutters and install your seamless gutter replacement in the area.



Gutter Repair Highland Park, IL

For minor gutter damage that does not require full gutter replacement in Highland Park, we can be there with expert gutter service to repair the problem. After inspecting the issue, we’ll give you our best advice to make sure your gutters get back into shape to perform as needed.



Gutter Guards Highland Park, IL

Your gutters are important to keep your property safe, but it’s also important for them to look great too. Any commercial and residential property can count on our gutter company in Highland Park to bring you gutter guards that help your gutter last through the most difficult conditions. Plus, they’ll look great doing it.

Oversized Downspouts Highland Park, IL

Downspouts allow your gutters to perform by removing the water from your roof and away from the foundation. Speak to us about regular and oversized downspouts and let our gutter installers in Highland Park handle the rest.


Types & Material

Choose Your Style For Gutters Installation Highland Park, IL


For low-cost, low-maintenance gutters in Highland Park, the solution for your home is an aluminum gutter installation near me in Highland Park. Gutter companies know that aluminum is the preferred option for homeowners because of this. Plus, aluminum gutters are rust-resistant, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. As a gutter replacement in Highland Park, aluminum is an incredible investment in your home.

  • No rust
  • The lightweight material makes gutter installation easy
  • They are paintable and come in a range of colors
  • Lasts up to 25 years
  • Weatherproof




Steel gutters usually come galvanized to prevent rust, but that protective layer only lasts 10 to 15 years. As well, it’s important to add gutter guards to your steel gutters, to keep leaves out so rust doesn’t form. A stainless steel gutter installation can give you that rust resistance but they do cost more and the installation process is difficult given the weight of the material.

  • Steel strong
  • Durable under any weather conditions
  • Paintable
  • Customizable for greater efficiency



For the classic look that some homeowners prefer, weathered copper gutters are the answer. Copper may tend to look worn over the years, but that’s just the patina. Copper is very durable and can last for up to a century. They will perform under extreme weather conditions, hot and cold. However, a copper gutter installation in Highland Park can be quite expensive, requiring an experienced gutter company to handle it properly, making copper gutters better suited for high-end homes.

  • You can maintain the beautiful red shine of copper gutters or allow a green patina to develop over time
  • Never needs painting
  • Extreme durable in any weather
  • Will not rust or warp



The larger the rain gutters, the greater capacity for heavy rain flows and the ability to handle loose debris like leaves and twigs. This is why oversized gutters in Highland Park are ideal to reduce the risk of clogs and the necessity for downspout repair. You get enhanced protection against water damage, which is helpful during severe storms. If your home has a large or steeply sloped roof, you may consider an oversized gutter installation in Highland Park.

  • Increased water damage protection
  • Look great on a home
  • Works very well with complicated systems



Gutter companies in Highland Park, and in general, have found that K-style gutters have been the most common type of system chosen for the past 50 years. This style comes in several material options and because the gutter installation does not require brackets, they are nailed directly into the fascia board. Homeowners love them because they look like high-end crown molding. Plus, they can carry more water than other gutters thanks to their flat bottom and straight-angled sides. These gutters do tend to collect debris so they must be maintained and cleaned as necessary.

  • Durable
  • Built for greater water flow capacity
  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Can be chosen in a variety of materials
  • Gutter installation is easy



As half-round gutters feature an open trough, they can be prone to clogs due to leaves and other debris. This is why many homeowners who have half-round gutters in Highland Park also choose a gutter guard installation. Gutter installers tend to come prepared with brackets to secure these gutters, which solves the problem of the rounded edges not being able to remain flush on the fascia boards.

  • Look nice on certain styles of homes



As seamless gutters are constructed from only a single piece of material, they have no joints or fasteners running along the length of the home. Your gutter installers in Highland Park will accurately measure your home so they can cut the gutter to fit perfectly using high-quality gutter material. This offers a better, streamlined appearance. And since there are no seams, the risk of a leak is significantly reduced with less maintenance needed to remove stuck debris.

  • Less chance of leaks
  • When paired with gutter guards, seamless gutters are nearly maintenance-free
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Offers a nice look on any home